Tips for practicing yoga anytime, anywhere.

practicing yoga

Every day people are becoming more health-conscious. Doing exercise daily can definitely make you fit and healthy, but with our busy lives and schedules it can be difficult to find the time each day. It can be hard to balance our lives and the stress that comes with it. Having a routine is one of the best things that you can do, and with access to the best online yoga classes, there is no excuse to not find the time and space to practice. 

Here are some of our tips for making your yoga practice happen, anytime and anywhere. 

Have intentions to practice yoga 

Things happen if you approach it with full intentions. It is the same with your yoga practice. If you approach yoga with the intention of doing it every day, it will help you keep fit and healthy. Plan your time to do yoga or have an easy anywhere routine that you can do anywhere. Only if you think that you want to do something it will happen. 

Get creative 

You can often make quick and simple adjustments to your space in order to make it work best for online yoga classes. If the environment is not suitable for the routine you planned, then get creative and move around items to improve the space. Adjust the lighting, the aromas in the space, and clear out any unnecessary furniture. 

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Bedtime yoga 

If you don’t have time in the mornings to practice yoga, perhaps try it at the end of the day. You can do some simple yoga poses before you go to bed every night, and because of it’s meditative attributes it is likely to make you very relaxed and help you sleep better. You can do some asanas moves such as Setu bandha asana, supta baddha konasana and many more poses. Then go to savasana and you will gradually be ready for a peaceful sleep. Bedtime yoga is very helpful tool for making you sleep peacefully and have a good nights’ rest.

Try desk and chair yoga 

You can try chair and desk yoga, which consists of very simple movements that you can do literally anytime and anywhere as you only need a chair. There are many simple poses that can be done in the chair like neck rotation, hand stretching and many more. You may be surprised by how easy desk yoga can be, and good it can make you feel. When you are working, if you are stressed and tense you can take a five minute break and do some chair yoga poses that help you to relax and cool down. 

Have a travel routine 

It is difficult to keep your yoga routine when you are regurlarly traveling or if you are traveling somewhere on vacation. So it is best to have a routine that is simple. Think of yoga as a way to relieve stress. Always listen to your body, have a travel yoga routine that is easy, fast and intensive. It is best that you try yoga poses that do not require any equipment.

Get the right yoga gear for travel 

As mentioned above, if you are traveling it’s possible to have a yoga routine that is easy and does not require any equipment. However, if you want to do something more intensive, perhaps think ahead and ensure you carry small gear while traveling. This will ensure that you still maintain your fitness routine wherever you are traveling to.

Yoga like nobody is watching you 

To ensure you feel centered and focused in your practice, make sure you do your yoga like no one is watching you. We can often get a little shy when we know someone is watching us, and it will definitely affect your routine. So initially, try to set up your yoga space in private, this will help to reduce any anxiousness. Don’t be afraid to be in the moment and really connect with your mind and body, as it will help keep you grounded and most importantly connected with yourself. 

There are many instructional videos of asanas and online yoga classes that can be done easily on a daily basis if you are a busy person. All you have to do is to set that time and create a routine to do yoga. Do yoga and stay healthy.