What is the best type of breast augmentation?

breast implants

There are different types of breast implants and which one is right for you depends on each individual. Your surgeon will access the shape of your body before they can recommend a certain type of implant for you. Measuring your body including your breast height and width, as well as your natural breast volume will all be reviewed. Your surgeon will recommend a certain type of breast implant and explain to you the reasons behind their choice. It’s important that you do not just choose the type of implant based on what you like best as you may choose the wrong dimensions and implants for your body type.

Implants made from silicon are a popular choice these days. This type of implant may feel less natural due to the high liquidity of the water. The silicone implants have a high safety standard due to their high cohesive nature. The silicone is filled solid rather than a liquid, so the rupture rates are very low. Saline implants are another alternative, although they don’t tend to have as long a lifespan, and in some cases there have been issues with air absorption which results in rippling. As the saline type of implant can be unstable, the shape can get affected by the body’s soft tissue. The silicone implants are also more stable and do not get affected by the bodies soft tissue changes.

Implant covering,  smooth or textured?

There is also a choice of smooth or texture breast implant. Some studies show that textured implants are linked to less capsular contracture and rotation. The textured implants are known to have a thicker capsule, so the argument is that this type of implant is firmer. Textured implants have been linked with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, however, this is very rare, and surgeons will still often recommend the textured implant over smooth ones.

The breast implant shape

Pear-shaped or round implants can be used for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. These types only come in the textured surfaces. The implants are designed to mimic the natural shape of your breasts, which is why they are commonly used in reconstructive purposes such as after a mastectomy due to the shape being dependant on the implant as there is no natural breast tissue to grow over it. Anatomical implants have a risk of rotation, and if the implant rotates you will need to have a breast implant replacement procedure to fix them as the overall shape of your breast will be strange and unnatural.

The round type of implants come in smooth or textured, and due to their rounded shape the risk of rotation is eliminated. You can get a more natural appearance with the round implants as the silicone sits at the bottom of the implant. It will have a more natural shape to it especially when it is placed under the muscle.

The implant profile

The implant profile is the measurement of projection and just how much it projects forward from your body. The profile of the implant will affect the overall shape of your breasts. If you have a low profile implant, it will look less projected but will appear wider in the diameter so you may get a more ‘pancake look’. A high profile implant is narrower, which means the breast is more rounded as it will project more outwards.  There are also the ultra-high implants that give you very good projection, but be aware they are one hundred percent filled so they will feel a lot firmer.

At the end of the day, it is up to what you and your surgeon feel is the best breast implant for your body shape and your overall desires. Make sure you have a good relationship with your surgeon and can discuss all the options with them.