Fun Fitness Workouts For The Whole Family

mother biking with daughter in the autumn

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is essential in obtaining the optimum balance and happiness in life. The freedom to do what we want, when we want, without fear of injury, limitations, and conditions is where being healthy matters to most of us. To achieve this, we encourage you to eat the right kind and amount of food, have ample rest and stay fit. Yes, it is that simple, and no it’s not easy to achieve. But making it fun and collective for the whole family can definitely help.

That last bit may seem a little tricky as sometimes food and rest are just automatically felt. It’s been a part of survival for as long as living things roamed, even before the ancient times, man will go out of their caves to go hunting and endure all risks for their family’s sustenance. The same thing with rest. No matter how much caffeine consumed, you will always find yourself tired when you’ve maximized your energy. But how about staying fit? It seems to require altogether too much effort.

Well, not if you see others do it. And if you do it with others, most especially if you do it with your family. 

Here are samples of fun fitness workouts that you and your family could try together.

  1. Touch Rugby – is a cross between rugby league and rugby nation. If your kids like to run, this is one game that could get them more of it with a little bit of a challenge, to hold and pass the rugby ball. The good thing about it is that physical contact is minimized because it needs no tackling or impactful groping. As one player carries the rugby ball to the goal, a simple touch could get the other team a turnover. Parents can join their kids which creates bonding. Overall, it develops agility, ball skills, endurance, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship.
family exercise with girl teens
  • Circuit training – is the one thing you need to keep in mind when having fitness workouts involving the whole family is to keep it lively and less repetitive. Going to a playground where an obstacle course can be set could be a perfect location for this. If there are monkey bars, a slide, a balance beam, and stationary bikes, make each a station for them to perform. Kids like the adventurous approach in this. As a parent, it’s important to stay inventive and creative in setting up the course. Motivating them with rewards like ice cream after will make them remember a great day with parents.
  • Patintero – is a traditional game amongst Filipinos which helps to develop grow motor skills, strategic thinking, and hand-eye coordination. It’s incredible how you could have fun as a family and learn about culture at the same time. Filipinos are known for being fast, competitive, and happy people. This game will definitely bring in all of the above, plus enhance other skills like safe tagging, agility, balance, evasion, and most especially, spatial awareness.
  • Yoga – is a cultural workout from India that is not too hard for any member of the family to try. Simple elements of right breathing, maintaining composure, holding a posture, and core strengthening are involved. In a week of active sports, allow a day of minimal physical exertion to rest, and stimulate different skills such as balance, coordination, and ability to control and focus. Some of the kids like a story infused in with the movements. This is a fun way to get your nanny onboard and active to engaged with your kids, it can be a refresher and wow even the most experienced of nannies. There are videos on YouTube that feature a family yoga infused in some Disney stories and adventures.
  • Cycling  is to encourage the love of nature while having a fitness workout with your family is another great way of staying bonded through the process. Time with family is precious. And the kids act out after their parents. Take this opportunity to include maybe plastic bottle picking too in the park as you take rest. Or add a picnic on up a hill then as you ride the bike downhill, take some time to appreciate the view. It’s such a fun and easy way to start an adventure with your kids, you’d be surprised how many nanny jobs involve this activity. It may also pave the way to understanding the importance of wearing personal protective gear. Make sure to choose safe and easy routes, mindful of your little one’s patience and ‘are we there yet?’s.