Cheap Contact Lenses and Eye Health

Contacts and Eye Health

You can go as far as your eyes can see. Realizing that anything is possible through this metaphor assures one of how important our sense of vision is, physically and figuratively. 80% of what we perceive are detected by our eyes that when our sense of taste and smell fail us, there’s always the sense of vision to keep us protected. So, it’s no brainer that we should take our eye health seriously, above all else… including sales.   

Yet again, people love the idea of being able to save through a bargain or a sale. Somehow, it’s the aspiration of many shoppers every time they are on a spree. To at least have something for less, even if it means compromising eye health with cheap contact lenses.

Corrective lenses requiring daily use

While there are many ways to improve compromised vision, usage of contact lenses had become one of the options. Since it is for daily use, some struggle in keeping up with it so, they use their supply sparsely, parallel with the appropriate eyeglasses.

Some people may need to wear contact lens, such as those who are engaged in sports (contact sports and those that involve the body of water). Some are performers who are in show business. And lastly, when there’s a need to wear specific protection like PPE, who are much better if they are wearing contact lenses belong to these special considerations. There are much more out there, but these three embody the emphasis on the need to wear it daily, which adds up to one’s daily expenses.

When it’s time to tighten the belt, expect the non-essentials to get cut from the budget. In this regard, many don’t understand the repercussions of going for cheap contact lenses.

Cheap contact lenses

Unknown brands are naturally cheap, which turns to be posing attractive deals towards consumers, whether it’s for long-term use or just for aesthetic purposes for one-time events. Stay aware by knowing of the risks you may be looking at when you prefer to use this kind:

Lack of instructions for use

Sometimes cheap eye contacts coloured lenses reflect poor quality without proper certification. While this is one of the requirements for a pair to be verified legal to use, its packaging should be able to show directions for use and also risks and contraindications. If something tragic turns out to be its effect, the seller will not be liable because you didn’t check the packaging for directions. That automatically means you were aware that there are no directions for use upon purchase. It leaves both the manufacturer and seller off the hook since this is the first thing one should check when applying something topically, what more on your eyes that is the most exposed membrane of the human body?

Lack of reliability

The wearer will have to deal with circumstances or side effects of wearing cheap contact lens. Worse comes to worst. You want people to comment on your beautiful eyes, such as when wearing ocean blue contact lenses, rather than commenting on your red, scratchy or inflamed eyes.

Lack of oxygen

Some studies show how cheap contact lenses provide little to no oxygen, hindering the eye of proper nutrition and protection from germs. The immunoglobulins, found in the liquid that surrounds the eyes, act as a defence mechanism. And as it tears, it is its way of washing off the eyes of bacteria and any harmful element. With a minute amount of oxygen in the eyes, the eyes get clogged, increasing the risk of infection build up from within the orbital area.

Majority’s take on the usage of cheap contacts

Firstly, it is highly advisable to consider wearing contact lenses only if prescribed. Most especially if it is for the long term and for the people who are considering its aesthetic advantage, take care in trying on different looks and style, specifically during Halloween. Some people who had been living proof of how disastrous it could get give out a shout out that goes, “It’s not even worth it. Just be yourself and do give it a second thought.