How to Plan Your Wedding

When a couple takes the decision of getting married, there are many things to organize. The important thing is to remember that all the effort invested will be worth it: the most important day of their lives will be special!

Choose the type of wedding you want.

There are infinite ways to celebrate a wedding, but it is totally intimate decision of the couple to define what type of wedding they want to have. First of all, and probably the most important decision, will be to determine if it’ll be a religious or civil ceremony. Whichever decision you take, you should contact the wedding management, whether it is a church or any choice out of a selection of romantic wedding venues, and then reserve the location.


Choose details such as the date and time, whether the wedding will be formal or informal, and the guest list.  This obviously depends only on your tastes, so take it easy and think about it very carefully. Do you want a special date, with the sunset behind you? Who do you want to be present there?

Choose the style that the wedding will have.

Will it be in the city, with country air, modern, romantic, vintage…? The most authentic weddings are those that reflect the essence of the couple in their details. Remember that determining the aesthetics of the wedding is one of the first things that must be decided, since all the services and details will be related to the chosen theme.

Define the wedding budget.

This will determine a lot of things, and although it may sound a bit spoiled at first, remember that the wedding is not the only thing that will be done as a couple. Think about the honeymoon, household expenses, and so on. And obviously, once the budget is defined, you should stick to it and do not exceed it. But always allow for the stressed-out bride to visit a luxury day spa!

Reserve the banquet that’ll be served.

Remember that the food tables will probably be the ones where the guests will spend most of the  time, so look for a pleasant environment that is in line with the theme of the wedding. It is necessary to decide what type of banquet there will be. They can opt for a standing cocktail, a buffet or a seated banquet, the most common.

Choose the decoration and the flowers.

These details are very important, a fundamental part of the magic that will be in the place. For the flowers of the big day, choose the seasonal ones, which are better preserved and cheaper. In the center-pieces, flowers will also be the main protagonists.

Choose who will be in charge of the photography.

The photographer will be in charge of capturing the best moments of the wedding so that everyone can always remember them. Choose the photographer with great detail, looking first at their portfolio to see if they have what you are looking for.

Choose the music that will be at the wedding.

It is one of the most special elements of a wedding, the soundtrack of your own movie. Remember that it can be a performance with live musicians or a selection of songs put on a music player. The point is that you like it and feel comfortable with it.

Selection and purchase of the costumes and rings.

They are personal things and must be chosen very carefully, because they will be remembered for  life, there will be photos and videos of them eternally. Decide if you are going to buy the clothes in stores or have them made to your measurements. On the other hand, the rings will be worn every day, so you should choose them very carefully, always considering what your beloved one likes.

Choose the bride’s bouquet.

The bridal bouquet is certainly one of the most important accessories you will wear on your wedding day. The possibilities are endless, but the design must represent your most personal style and go according to the chosen dress.

And that is it! Enjoy your wedding, your special and dreamed day, and live it as what you are: the protagonist of your own story.