The best office chair for back pain

Office chair

Sitting on the right mesh office chair will make a huge difference to the comfort, posture and health of your back all which will help ease lower back pain.

What to look for in an office chair?

  • Weight rating: If you want to be sure that the task chair is safe and is well made, then you need to check the chairs weight rating.
  • Adjustability: You want a chair that has plenty of adjustabilities so you can change it to suit your body. Overall it means you will get a better posture and better comfort. You want to avoid the chairs that have just one or two adjustments are these are not going to support your personal correct sitting position.
  • The size and shape: You want to get a chair that will fit your body. If you are sitting in the wrong size or shaped chair, your body is going to be too forward or slumped backwards instead of sitting correctly in the chair.
  • Armrests: Certain armrests can cause problems as they block the chair from being able to get in close to your desk. If you like armrests and feel you need them, try to go for ones that are height adjustable.
  • The quality: Many office chairs don’t sit right or are uncomfortable due to poor quality parts and foam. With office chairs quite often the cheaper they are, the lower their life expectancy is. In the short term, this is ok, but in the long run, chairs made of poor quality parts can be bad for your back and will cause problems later on in life.
  • Chair castors: Have you ever ended up on the floor when you went to sit down. Did the chair suddenly roll away? If your office has polished floors, then you want to go for a self-locking castor chair which is the safest option.
Office chair

Make sure you get the right fit

First of all, you need to choose the right seat size. When you are sitting in the chair, you need to be three fingers width apart from the edge of the chair and your knee. If it is much shorter, then you won’t have adequate sitting weight pressure on the chair being distributed evenly. The wrong seat will cause lower back pain and a bad posture.
It is critical to choose the right backrest shape and size. If you don’t, it will result in bad posture aches and pains in the neck, legs and lower back pain. The chair needs to follow the shape of your spine, so there is support for the curve within the lower back. People who have curves that are more profound need to find a chair that has a more pronounced lower back cushioning or even a pump up the cushion. If you don’t have the correct backrest, there is no way that you’re going to maintain good posture.
When you are sitting at your desk, you want to make sure that your elbows are level with the top of the desk. Your feet need to be firmly resting on the floor, and if they are not, then you will need a footrest.

When searching for the best office chair for back pain, it will be determined by your needs. What you find comfortable chair others may hate. Make sure you test how they feel and how your body is positioned in the chair before you go ahead and make a purchase. Some office furniture stores will allow you to try the chair for a few days before buying, which is highly recommended.