Want to save some real money for that next vacation? Try these ideas

save for big holiday

Travelling overseas is not cheap. Saving up for a holiday can be a massive effort for most people. Whether you want to save a small amount or save for a luxury holiday, there are several ways you can add more money to the holiday tin that you may not have thought of.

People will view their savings as just one amount. By breaking it down into week by week sections and meet those demands first. Saving will require some sacrifice but, in the end, it will be worth it when you’re leaving the hectic life at home, and you’re off to venture around.

Work out what your budget for a holiday is going to be. Include things like flights, travel insurance, accommodation, meals, vaccinations and visa fees. Get the info from the travel place about what meal prices are the amount you want to put away for shopping, tours and your entertainment.

Do you actually need that gym membership?

We are all convinced that keeping fit and losing weight must cost money. Gyms encourage you to rent a membership to stay fit. Chuck the membership in and start to walk or jog around the neighbourhood, get a bunch of friends together each week for a workout session, go for a swim every morning, take the dogs for a long bushwalk. The possibilities are endless. These activities don’t cost money, so you can keep fit and healthy but do it for free while saving for a holiday. Remember you can always sign back up when you get back.

Use the car less

You are saving for a holiday which means it is time to ditch the car and walk where you can. It is expensive to keep your vehicle running and the money spent each week to keep the vehicle running could be spent saving for the holiday. Borrow a bike from a friend and ride it to work. You are keeping fit while saving money that’s a bonus.

BYO lunch

Buying your lunch and snacks each day can become expensive. By the time you buy the food then you need a drink and maybe that chocolate bar where it can add up quite quickly. We tend to buy things we don’t need when we shop when we are hungry. Take the healthier path and start taking your lunch from home. Cook up a weeks’ worth of soups or casseroles or even salads. You will be surprised at how much money you will save. If you can’t go without the sugary energy drinks, then buy from your local supermarket where they are cheaper than the corner shop. Buying in bulk can be more affordable as well then you can take one each day.

Ditch the cable

Cable tv is the best. Classic movies, live sports and kids cartoons we never want to let go. If you cancel your subscription for just six months, work out how much you could save over that period. Bring out the board games or go to the park instead of watching and put your subscription money to better use.

Saving on energy costs

Cut your utility bills down in any way you can. Simple things like turning the tap off while brushing your teeth and lowering the number of baths you have a week can help with the pricing. If you have people in the household who stay in the shower too long, consider a water-saving nozzle, so the amount of water getting used is halved. Put more clothes on instead of putting the heater on high and unplug appliances that are not being used to help lower the cost of your bills.