Why sacrifice luxury over adventure – take both

luxurious adventure holidays

Family holidays are not often luxurious, and they certainly don’t scream adventure at you. Combining both luxury and adventure into your holiday can be a tricky business. Here we have found the best types of holidays that combine both of these.

South Africa:

South Africa is a beautiful location and can offer both luxury and adventure within the one holiday. A great experience there is visiting their exciting safari trips. You can be up close with the African animals in their habitats.
Both adults and children enjoy having the opportunity to be up close and personal with the animals. There are nature trails for the adventurous while the relaxers stay and enjoy some time in the luxury accommodation getting pampered.


Perhaps you are the type of nature person who prefers the alpine scenery? Taking a family holiday to Switzerland boasts both luxury and adventure and could be the ticket you are looking for when it comes to combining both luxury and the adventurous world. Switzerland has everything for the experience loving tourists from snow sports, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing it has the works.

Switzerland is home to many 5-star luxurious resorts in the world so a holiday here will also suit those who are seeking pure luxury and relaxation.

If you are looking for jaw-dropping scenery, non-stop entertainment and activities to keep you busy then this is the ideal family vacation to suit everyone. If you want a more beachy feel to your holiday, then Florida is the place to visit. The crazy life of Miami is great for those who hate sitting still — packed with plenty of adventure opportunities in the warm sunny state not forgetting the beautiful, posh, luxury resort.

Florida is known for its world-class accommodation and loaded with things to do the adventure lovers will never see a dull moment.

Indonesia and Bali

For an adventure holiday with everything from looking for wildlife among the beautiful jungles to snorkelling in the ocean, Indonesia and Bali is the place to be.

Nothing but beauty can be seen within the luxury resorts which make it the perfect place to combine a family holiday with both luxury and adventure.

There is no right or wrong way to holiday and no wrong place to visit. Every destination has its luxury opportunities, but they also have their adventurous ways as well. It is effortless to combine both luxury and adventure; often it is nice to spend one day on adventure trails, hikes sailing etc. Spend the next day in a luxury suite being waited on while drinking wine in the spa. Anything is possible like combining both those types of holidays if you are prepared to seek out precisely what you are looking for. It is easy to get everything that everyone wants from the one holiday if everyone is prepared to compromise a little and change things up a bit.

Sometimes travel can be an adventure all in itself for many people, but if you have the thrill for a challenge, then you will need to make your holiday full of adrenaline. Don’t think you have to sacrifice the finer things that the other person is occupying you may want to do. Plenty of destinations offer luxury and adventure as a once in a lifetime opportunity all included with the comfort of a five-star hotel stay.